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Almonds are the seeds of a popular Middle Eastern nut tree called Prunus Dulcis, proudly residing amongst the world’s most popular and beneficial nuts.

Due to being low in carbohydrates, but high in protein and healthy fats, almonds are considered a great help when trying to remain toned physique and at the same time they can even be a help for losing weight. Protein maintain your muscles and almonds are one of the best sources you can choose. Further both protein and fibre are well known to increase the feelings of fullness, at the same time as they contain very few calories, – a great combination. Beside that there are approximately 10-15% of calories in almonds that are impossible for our body to digest due to its nature and this results in a feeling of being even more full when snacking on almonds.

Apart from the above benefits the brown skin of almonds is full of antioxidants and they are also one of the best sources of vitamin E.

With such profile, almonds are for sure in the category of super foods, so almonds are one of HEAL’s main ingredients for protein, fibre, healthy fats and for helping weight loss with it very low calories, – it does not get much better than these super nuts.