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Our bodies are amazing! - but it counts on us daily to provide it with ALL the right nutrients, to keep us healthy and live as long and as well as possible. I believe that an optimised varied plant-based diet can help us optimize our health and help prevent illnesses and diseases.
H.E.A.L. - Holistic Eating and Living

The idea to create HEAL was a result of two concerns and my many years of work with Nutraceuticals.
First of all with two horses and two dogs that all receive perfectly optimised food daily, I could not help wondering WHY we optimise animal food to such a high degree, BUT we do not do that for ourselves and our beloved, - we humans just eat want we feel and crave for and without knowing, if it contains all the nutrients our body needs to help us !

Secondly when our two sons Alexander and Patrick left for universities, I was a bit worried about their meals. We always ate healthy at home, so they grew up with quite good eating habits. However, life at the university is different, time is short and there is often only a very small kitchen in student apartments. Our conversations were often about food. ..Do you get enough fruits and vegetables? Do you buy organic food? Try to eat a variation of different foods and so on. 


So I looked into healthy, organic, plant-based and smart food for our boys to get everything their bodies need on a daily basis. I found several such products, but they all contained thickeners, sweeteners, artificial flavors or fillers, and all of them were based on only five or six basic often just cheap ingredients. That really wasn't what I was hoping for. After 20 years working with Nutraceuticals (vitamins, mineral and natural substances) and following the latest research - I knew exactly what I was looking for.


So, those two concerns and with my expertise in the field of nutrition, I decided to create my own product HEAL – A PREMIUM quality, 100 % Organic with 34 different super foods carefully selected for their contribution to the meal. Enriched with Anti-inflammatory food, Gut-health food and a multi strain of Probiotics. Completely pure food full of natural raw vitamins and minerals without any additives and with a PH of 6 to neutralise acid in the body!  For vegans it also has that extra B12 that you need and protein from almonds, chia seed and goji berries. Lots of Fibers 15g (in one meal) and from many different sources for your gut-health and thereby also your immune system, so important!


HEAL stands for "Holistic Eating and Living". HEAL is a complete optimised meal, but also so much more than just food.  HEAL will help you maintain a sufficient variety and balance of your diet.  HEAL helps you to reach the optimal amount of nutrients and fiber on a daily basis, with HEAL, you never need to compromise on your health, even when you're busy.


Environmentally, HEAL is excellent - you reduce food waste, - you reduce the amount of packaging by a lot and last but not least, you support the carbon footprint by reducing meat consumption.  Switching to a predominantly plant-based diet is not easy as you need to make sure to compensate with extra Protein and the important Vitamin B12, BUT with HEAL it is so easy to exchange one meal for a HEAL MEAL a day and you get it all!


My name is Birgitte, I am 56 years old, happily married, a mother of two sons Alexander and Patrick and our family is complemented by two golden retrievers Jacky and Duke and two horses Indigo and Sorpresa.

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