Our bodies are amazing, ….. but they count on us to daily provide them with ALL the right nutrients !

“I believe that one optimised meal a day can help us improve our health and help our bodies to fight illness and diseases. That one meal should be a big selection of the very best plant-based superfoods, covering all the nutritional groups. Further it should support gut-health and provide anti-inflammatory food, – so it can strengthen and protect you.
This is HEAL – more than a meal”

My vision for HEAL:

H.E.A.L. - Holistic Eating and Living

The big question that lead me to the creation of HEAL was .. .. WHY DO WE OPTIMISE FOOD FOR THE ANIMALS BUT NOT FOR OUR SELVES?

I have 2 horses and two dogs and is daily made aware of, how the optimised animal food for them, can prolong their lives and give them better life quality. It made me realise how we humans just eat, what we feel like or what is near by available, – which is surely not optimised nutrition wise for our bodies.

H.E.A.L. - Holistic Eating and Living

When our two sons left for universities abroad, I was as well faced with a worry about them continuing some healthy food habits and I decided that now is the time to put together “The Perfect Meal”.

First I looked into what was on the market and I found several products, but they all contained thickeners, sweeteners, artificial flavours or fillers, and all of them were based on only five or six cheap ingredients. That really wasn’t anything close to my vision. As after 20 years of working with Food Supplements /Nutraceuticals for an international company and following all the latest research – I knew exactly what I wanted.

HEAL, became a PREMIUM MEAL, 100% Organic, with 34 different super foods, carefully selected for their contribution to the meal. Enriched with Anti-inflammatory food, Gut-health food and a multi strain of Probiotics. Completely pure food full of natural raw vitamins and minerals without any additives and with an alkaline effect to neutralise acid in the body! For vegans it also has that extra B12 that you need and protein from almonds, chia seed and goji berries. Lots of Fibers 15g (in one meal) and from many different sources to feed your microbes and to help strenghten your immune system.

HEAL stands for “Holistic Eating and Living” and is an optimised meal, that will help you optimise your health with just 1 HEAL meal a day. HEAL is fresh food made into a powder without destroying any of the good nutrients, it will help you to reach the optimal amount of nutrients and fiber on a daily basis, and it is so convenient as you can just shake the 2 scoops with water and take it on the go or you can put it into a smoothie or anything you like to eat or drink.

HEAL is excellent for the ENVIRONMENT 🌱
– you reduce Food Waste
– you reduce the amount of Packaging/Plastic
– you reduce the Carbon Footprint by eating Plant – Based

Switching to a predominantly plant-based diet is not easy as you need to make sure to compensate with extra Protein and the important Vitamin B12, BUT with HEAL it is so easy to exchange one meal a day for a HEAL MEAL and you know your body get it all plus you help the environment !

My name is Birgitte, I am happily married, a mother of two sons Alexander and Patrick and our family is completed by two golden retrievers Jacky and Duke and two horses Indigo and Sorpresa.