Our bodies have remarkable resilience, but they rely on us to supply them with a comprehensive mix of essential nutrients. Just one carefully selected, nutritionally optimized meal per day can significantly enhance our overall health, protecting us against illnesses and diseases and allowing us to live longer and more qualitative lives. That meal should be a delightful mix of the finest plant-based superfoods, covering all the nutritional bases. It should promote gut health, feature anti-inflammatory,  antioxidant and phyto-nutrient components to fortify and shield the body. All these factors encapsulate the essence of HEAL and is what makes it more than just a meal.

Birgitte Emborg is the founder of HEAL. She is Danish and a mother to two sons. At a young age she embarked on a transformative journey into holistic health that began with a dedicated educational pursuit in Holistic Medicine in Germany. It was during this academic pursuit that a profound appreciation for Orthomolecular Medicine blossomed, setting the stage for a career marked by innovation and exploration within the field of health and nutrition. Birgitte took on leading roles at Ferrosan, Novo Nordisk, and Pharma Nord in a number of European countries, furthering her understanding of nutritional supplementation. To this day she is broadening her knowledge and recently completed  Nutritional Science at Stanford University. It is this experience, expertise and insight that led her to have the confidence to create HEAL.

That being said, the idea of HEAL stemmed from a much more personal fundamental query: why do we tailor food for animals to ensure they get the right nutrition in the correct amounts, but neglect our own nutritional optimisation? The daily care of her two horses and two dogs underscored the impact science showed on optimised animal nutrition on their longevity and quality of life. This realisation prompted a parallel concern for dietary choices among humans. Witnessing her sons embark on university journeys intensified Birgitte’s resolve to cultivate healthy eating habits and it was from there that the concept of “The Perfect Meal” really materialised.

A comprehensive market analysis revealed existing products were filled with thickeners, sweeteners, artificial flavours, or fillers and were often constructed from a limited palette of inexpensive ingredients. This misalignment with Birgitte’s vision,  led to the creation of HEAL—a premium, 100% organic meal, made of 34 distinct superfoods meticulously chosen for their nutritional contributions. HEAL is based on anti-inflammatory ingredients and a multi-strain probiotic blend in order to improve gut-health. It represents unadulterated nutrition, natural raw vitamins and minerals, devoid of additives, and with an alkaline profile to neutralise body acidity.

For vegans, HEAL provides the nutrients that you risk lacking, essential B12, iron and the important protein derived from almonds, chia seeds, and goji berries. With each meal containing 15g of fibre pulled from diverse sources, HEAL nourishes the beneficial microbes and fortifies the immune system. HEAL represents an optimised meal regimen achievable with just one HEAL meal per day. The process involves converting natural fresh superfoods into a nutrient-rich powder without compromising its inherent benefits. Conveniently, it can be mixed with water or milk variants for on-the-go consumption, incorporated into a smoothie, or integrated into various culinary preferences.

HEAL’s environmental benefits are remarkable in its capacity to reduce food waste, minimise packaging/plastic use, and lower the carbon footprint through plant-based consumption. Transitioning to a predominantly plant-based diet often requires careful consideration of protein, iron and Vitamin B12 intake. HEAL facilitates this shift effortlessly, offering a convenient substitution for one daily meal, ensuring comprehensive nutrition while simultaneously contributing to environmental sustainability.

As the company’s acronym “Holistic Eating and Living” suggests, the mission with HEAL is to provide a convenient solution for us all to improve our health while also improving the wellbeing of our planet. 

So join us in this mission today by ordering your first batch of HEAL  !