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Our bodies are amazing! They can heal us, they can fight off viruses, they can rebuild tissue and organs, they can memorise bacteria and much more, but they depend on us giving them the right nutrients to be able to execute these processes. I believe that a diverse plant-based diet can help us optimize our health and help us prevent illness and disease.
H.E.A.L. - Holistic Eating and Living

The idea of HEAL started when our two sons left for university. We have always eaten healthy at home, so they grew up with good eating habits. Life at university is different, though. There is very little time and often not much of a kitchen in the apartments on the campus. My conversations with them were often about food.

Do you get enough fruits and vegetables, do you buy organic, how about some herbs and spices, do you cook, or do you end up with some quick plain pasta or fast food? You can guess what the answer usually was.


I searched for a healthy, organic, plant-based, convenient meal for our boys so that they would get everything their bodies need. I found a few convenient options, but they all contained thickeners, added sweeteners, artificial flavoring or fillers, and all of them were based on only five or six basic ingredients. Not really what I wanted, because with a background of alternative medicine and 25 years of working in the health industry with vitamins, minerals and natural substances, I knew exactly what I was looking for. 


So, I decided to make my own meal, a high-quality meal from 28 of the best vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, added 6 of the most powerful herbs and spices, a splash of olive oil, and enriched it with probiotics. All 100% organic and without any additives. That was the creation of HEAL. And then my question was - should this just be for our boys or should I make it available for others? Well, you are here, so you can see what my conclusion was.


H.E.A.L stands for Holistic Eating and Living. HEAL is designed to be more than a meal.  It is not only to fill you up - every ingredient earned the right to be included.  The ingredients in HEAL are premium, full of natural vitamins and minerals with extra B12, for it being fully plant-based. It can help you eat varied enough and to reach the optimal amounts of nutrients and fibers on a daily or weekly basis, which can be quite a challenge to achieve through your daily cooking at home. HEAL can also serve as a very healthy convenient meal in situations where you are too busy to sit down for a meal or cook, so you can avoid compromising on your health during stressful times.


An added benefit of using HEAL regularly is that you also reduce food waste, reduce packaging per meal, and last but not least there are clear environmental benefits by reducing meat consumption. Changing to a mainly plant-based diet is something we can all do, and I hope HEAL can help you make that change.


My name is Birgitte, I am 55 years old, born in Switzerland, grew up in Denmark and studied alternative medicine in Germany. Since then I have worked in the health industry in several European countries for 25 years. More importantly, I am happily married, a mother of two sons, with two Golden Retrievers Jacky and Duke and two horses, Indigo and Sorpresa, completing the family.

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