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The medicinal benefits of turmeric have been known to the Indians for centuries, that is why it has been a crucial part of a curry powder, causing its yellow colour, so popular in the Indian cuisine. However, there is way more to turmeric – its compounds, called curcumoids, have been linked to powerful medical benefits, making turmeric one of the world’s most complex medical spices.

The curcumoids in turmeric are recognised for multiple healthy benefits, one of which is its strong anti-inflammatory nature. Inflammation has been linked to many disease of today’s world and various degenerative problems. Curcumin, the main curcumoid in turmeric, has been proven to be very helpful for all kind of inflammations and without any side effects, of course. It is able to fight inflammation even on a molecular level.

Besides that, turmeric has been known to improve brain function, assist patients when managing arthritis, and there is research backing up its potential role in cancer prevention, which are some of the reasons we could not miss this powerful yellow powder in  HEAL.